martedì, febbraio 27, 2018

JB Rose CosmEthic

🌹 JB Rose CosmEthic is an italian company that produces 100% natural cosmetic products with an high concentration of different kind of Roses, such Damask, Hip Rose, Rose Centifolia Muscosa, and Scrivia Valley Rose.

The roses are rich in minerals and vitamins, with soothing and emollient properties, and they have been used for many years for the production of cosmetics.

All the JB Rose CosmEthic beauty products contains 15% of roses extracts and oils that come only from the petals of the plants grown by the company JB Rose Farm where there is no use of any type of chemical, 100% all natural, paraben free, vegan, and cruelty free 🐶

I received:

🍃 Rose Elixir Replenishing Oil, moisturizing and anti-aging power this oil is quickly absorbed and only a few drops are needed.
Leaves the skin silky, replenished and protected during the day, applied on night it facilitates skin hydration and regeneration.
I use it on my skincare routine day and night after the toner and before the face cream.

🍃 Rose Nectar  Nourishing Day Cream.
A complete anti-aging and re-energizing cream to use every day. 
Quickly absorbable, non greasy without leaving any residue 
on the skin, is a perfect make-up base and leave a delicate scent of rose on the skin.

The packaging is also very luxurious,nice and cared, with a seal and specifications on the year of collection of roses.
All the packaging are handmade and the products used are ecofrendly like paper, glass and recyclable plastic.

My opinion on these products is that they are really good products, with high quality raw materials.
Thanks JB Rose CosmEthic for giving me the opportunity to know and try the products, I recommend to visit the Web Site for more information on the wide range of products for the care and beauty of your skin.
You can visit their socials such Facebook and Instagram

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  1. I need to try this company, it looks to have awesome products! Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. ottimo brand, adoro la purezza della composizione dei prodotti alla rosa, sono davvero efficaci....e sai che profumo fantastico

  3. Thanks for sharing ;)

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