venerdì, maggio 04, 2018


Luvos, a German company since 1918 produces natural pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Without colour, fragrance and preservatives, a large part of the ingredients derived from certified organic cultivation, vegan-friendly and dermatologically tested.

Thanks to the Company I had the opportunity to try some products:

πŸƒ Handbalsam, offers effective protection and intensive care for your hand and nails, protects the stressed skin and stimulates the regeneration of the its natural protective barrier. Easy to apply and absorbed very quikly.

πŸƒ Washcreme, helps maintain the skin’s natural barrier, leaving skin soft, moisturised and replenished. It effectively removes dirt, oil, and makeup without leaving the skin feeling dry or tight. I use this on my face and neck and it makes my skin feel soft and really clean everytime I use it. With its creamy texture it purifies the skin without overdrying.

πŸƒ Akut-Serum, suitable for all types of skin. Leaves skin feeling and looking fresh and noticeably helps smooth fine lines and tired eyes. It made my skin so soft and bright, well hydrated and just healthy.
Easy to apply, it is no greasey, no shine, fast absorption and has a very light and clean fragrance. Daily use of this Serum protects the skin from external factors such as smog and fine particles and therefore delays skin aging.
You can easily add this into your daily skincare routine for noticeable results, I apply the serum morning and night before the cream.

πŸƒ Maschera Idratante, intensely rehydrates, reduces the look of fine lines and revives radiance. In just 15 minutes leaves your skin nice, smooth, and encourages cell regrowth.

πŸ‘‰ I sincerely thank the company for giving me this incredible opportunity to try their products, and you can discover the wide range of their products on the official Web Site πŸ’•

sabato, aprile 28, 2018

Ion8 Quench water bottle

When you spend time outside, for work, to the gym, at school or just for a day outdoor you need to stay hydrated.

The perfect choice is the Refilled Bottle for save the planet because it has saved me a fortune in plastic bottles, never again will I buy one of them 🌏

Thanks to Media PR I’ got the chance to try and review the
πŸ‘‰ Ion8 Quench Water Bottle 

Excellent quality and materials, this bottle is made from TRITAN, it is odour resistant, BPA Free, phthalate free, and non-toxic.

The design is very cute, it is a good size, sturdy, lightweight, doesn’t smell of plastic and has a soft touch plastic. 

The bottle does not leak at all , there is a clip that closes over the lid to double lock it, so the closure and locking system are excellent. The flip open easly with one hand so perfect for kids.

It has a very comfortable fit, is soft to touch with frosted exterior, while the scratch resistance makes it perfect for exploring, and the hand strap keeps it secure for those outdoor pursuits.
I like the flip top lid and clasp that holds it all in place whilst not in use.

Easy to clean, is easy and hygienic to use and is dishwasher safe.
Ion8 is suitable for hot and cold drinks from -10°C to 96°C.

The Ion8 Quench water bottle is available in different nice colours and can be purchase online from Amazon πŸ’•

giovedì, aprile 19, 2018

Calu Kosmetik

Calu Kosmetik   azienda tedesca specializzata in prodotti per la bellezza e la cura della nostra pelle e in makeup.

I prodotti sono privi di conservanti e coloranti sintetici, parabeni, silicone, PEG e non sono testati sugli animali 🐢

Proprio grazie alla loro formulazioni e agli ingredienti provenienti da coltivazioni biologiche, tutti i loro prodotti sono adatti a qualsiasi tipo di pelle anche alle piu’ sensibili.

Grazie all’azienda ho avuto il piacere di ricevere e testare alcuni dei loro prodotti:

πŸƒ Acqua Vitamin Spay n.2, step indispensabile dopo la pulizia della pelle per una perfetta skincare. Idrata la pelle lasciandola tonica, morbida e luminosa. Da usare piu’ volte 
al giorno per una ventata di freschezza sulla nostra pelle.

πŸƒ Una Box contenente ben cinque diverse creme e sieri anti-rughe esclusivi in ​​formato minisize racchiuse all’interno di una confezione molto elegante, perfetta come idea regalo o da portare con se in viaggio. 
Al suo interno troviamo:
1x N°3a Hydro Marin Liftgel, concentrato anti-invecchiamento a base di alghe marine
1x N°3b Power Lift Serum, da usare prima delka crema giorno e di quella notte e’ un valido alleato anti-invecchiamento, idrata e leviga la pelle del viso.
1x N°4a Hydro Vital Creme, crema fresca e leggera, idrata la pelle senza appesantirla, si assorbe facilmente ed e’ un’ottima base per il trucco.
1x N°4b Vitamin Balance Creme, idratazione 
intensa per la nostra pelle, ricca di principi attivi per un effetto vitaminizzante ed energizzante.
1x N°4c Intensiv Repair Creme, da usare preferibilmente come crema notte, aiuta la naturale rigenerazione cellulare.

πŸƒ Lipstik nella colorazione 074,
Colore brillante ed intenso che dura per tutto il giorno. Le labbra rimangono morbide e nutrite senza seccarsi.

🌺 La qualita’ di questi prodotti e’ davvero ottima, l’attenzione dell’azienda verso la genuinita’ delle materie prime si riflette sulla loro efficacia.

Vi consiglio di visitare il loro Sito Web  per scoprire tutti i loro prodotti indispensabili per una perfetta e naturale skincare!

venerdì, aprile 13, 2018

Mask Time Box

Hi girls πŸ’• subscriptions boxes are the best and brilliant value for money idea for try new items.

Thanks to Mask Time  an UK’s ultimate Korean sheet mask subscription box where you will find 8-10 masks and somethimes a bonus skincare or beauty item.

The box itself is quite sturdy, elegant and pretty. Everything inside was wrapped up in a pink paper and secured with a sticker featuring Mask Time's logo, a booklet with all the information about every mask that is inside the box.

I received the Be Mine box for celebrate Valentine’s day, with these masks inside:

πŸŽ€ MERBLISS Wedding Dress Intense Hydration Nude Seal Mask, this is amazing, my favourite! I like the thinner sheet, fits perfectly on face and is well saturated in serum.
This mask leave my skin looking well moisturized and refreshed.

πŸŽ€ DUFT & DOFT Pink Milk Mask, this mask is really pink, with pink essence contains milk extracts to brighten dull skin and bring back a healthy glow.
The serum is creamy and there is quite a bit, leaves the skin soft, plump and moisturized.

πŸŽ€ IT’S SKIN Color Solution Pink Mud Mask, ideal for vitalizing care, gives a boost to tired skin, increase skin elasticity, helps cultivate a smooth skin. I love this mask expecially to use in the morning.
πŸŽ€ DEARPACKER JEJU FLOWER CHERRY BLOSSOM MASK, this hydrating sheet mask contains Cherry Blossom Extract which provides a brightening effect to the skin making it look dewy and radiant. I love the smell and I felt my skin much more hydrating.

πŸŽ€ ETUDE HOUSE Cherry Lips Patch, it felt very soft, stayed on well and left my lips hydrated and soft. Perfect to use in winter when my lips are dry and chapped.
πŸŽ€ Two free samples: Collagen Nutrition Eye Cream and Yehwadam Regenerating Moisture Cream

πŸ‘‰ A good variety of masks in one box, the price is £24.99, and shipping is free within mainland UK for countries outside of UK please use the shipping calculator on the Web Site befor submitting your order.

martedì, aprile 10, 2018

Fashioniamoci Store

πŸŽ€ L’originalita’ nel campo della moda e’ una caratteristica fondamentale.
Poter personalizzare i nostri capi d’abbigliamento in base ai nostri gusti e pensieri credo sia un tocco in piu’ per farci sentire unici, inconfondibili e sempre alla moda.

Fashioniamoci Store nasce proprio da questa esigenza di rendere un semplice capo d’abbigliamento come una T-Shirt o una Felpa unica ed originale.

Partendo dalla ottima qualita’ dei materiali, 100% cotone pettinato certificato Oeko-Tex 100 e Fair Wear Fondation e’ possibile scegliere tra diverse frasi motivazionali e stampe che piu’ rispecchiano il nostro essere.

Tutti i capi sono Made in Italy e lavorati artigianalmente al fine di ottenere un prodotto unico, originale e di ottima qualita’.

Ecco alcuni esempi della loro collezione:

πŸ‘‰ Ovviamente le collezioni si rinnovano frequentemente per offrire nuove idee a e accontentare tutti i gusti.
Se anche voi come me siete alla ricerca di un capo d’abbigliamento che vi rispecchia vi consiglio vivamente di visitare il Sito Web ... sono sicura che non ve ne pentirete!

Buon shopping allora e grazie Fashioniamoci Store πŸ’•

sabato, aprile 07, 2018

Doris Wagner Cosmetics

🌺 Doris Wagner Cosmetics is a cosmetic’s company based in Vienna specialized in skin care product for woman and men.
All their products are: Paraben FREE, Paraffins and Silicones FREE, Phathalates FREE, 100% VEGAN, Lactin FREE, Gluten FREE, GMO FREE and Cruelty FREE 🐢

Thanks to the company I received a few product from the NAVI collection:

πŸƒPure Refreshing Cleansing Gel
I love this gel, it works like a cleanser and make-up remover, the versatile texture makes skin visibly purified, optimally preparing it for moisturisation.
Skin is soft, moisturised, clear and refreshed.
Ideal for complexions that are a little oilier, this fresh and cooling gel removes impurities with a lightweight touch.

πŸƒ Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream
This is a complete anti-aging and revitalizing cream to use every Night.
This product is great lovely consistency when going on, absorbs quickly and leaves my skin fresh and plump in the morning with no irritation to my skin.

πŸƒ Ultra Whitening Vitamin C Serum
This serum dors the job very well.
I feel my skin softer and brighter my age spots and dark spots, the texture of my skin has definitely improved.
 I use it twice a day, on the morning before my day cream and at night before my night cream.
The derma roller is fantastic to improve absorption and revitalizing the skin.

πŸƒ Pore-Refining Hydro Emulsion
This is the perfect product for reduce the number and size of pores with an immediate astringent effect.
Easy to use and dry very quickly, perfect to use before apply the make-up.

The packaging is very sophisticated, elegant and I love the colors.
I am very satisfied about the Navi collection, expecially I recommend the Cleansing Gel and the Serum.

πŸ‘‰ All the products are available on the Web Site and in Amazon. Have a look at their collections and enjoy your shopping!

domenica, marzo 25, 2018


πŸƒ Liberate la mente da ogni pregiudizio culturale,chiudete gli occhi e gustate queste prelibatezze!

In molte culture mangiare insetti e’ considerato normale e salutare, nel mondo si mangiano piu’ di mille specie di insetti commestibili.

21Bites e’ il primo e-commerce europeo dove e’ possibile aquistare insetti commestibili sotto diverse forme quali barrette, biscotti, pasta, snack, farine ecc.

Tutti i prodotti sono assolutamente sicuri e garantiti, controllati e in conformitΓ  alle normative vigenti in materia alimentare.

Gli insetti commestibili sono ricchi di proteine, oligoelementi e amminoacidi, rappresentano inoltre una fonte sostenibile in quanto inquinano poco, consumano poca acqua potabile, salvaguardando cosi’ il benessere del pianeta.

Ecco cosa ho avuto il piacere di ricevere dall’azienda:

πŸƒ Jiminy’s Banana Dark Chocolate Energy Bar
πŸƒ Sens Pineapple & Coconut Energy Bar
πŸƒ Crickelle Cricket Crackers
πŸƒ Jiminy’s Crickets Salt & Vinegar
πŸƒ Micronutris Apero 100 BBQ
πŸƒ Granola Apple & Cinnamon 

Il gusto di questi prodotti e’ gradevole e particolare, ogni descrizione sarebbe superflua...bisogna per forza assaggiarli per gustarne il sapore unico.
Ho in particolare apprezzato sia la granola che i crackers che sono stati per me una rivelazione.

πŸ‘‰ Vi consiglio vivamente di visitare il Sito Web , Facebook , Instagram per scegliere i prodotti che piu’ vi incuriosiscono e di provarli, non ve ne pentirete!