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🌺 Hi girls, do you like stationery and cute items?
Boxcitement is a UK monthly subscription full of stationery products, greeting cards, jewelry, and other accessories and gifts delivered to your door each month. 
A Boxcitement box fits through a standard letterbox and the box weight differs very little from month to month.

🌸 The boxes have a different theme each month, the July box which I received was entitled the 'Drama Queen' and all the contents were around the dramatic theme:

  • A wooden mobile phone charger stand, very well made and pretty.
  • A Fabulous bracelet, this is my favourite item in this box has to be the chic and fashion little bracelet.
  • AStars little bottle with glitter inside, you can use the glitter on anything from crafts to cheeks but I think is nice to use it like a pendant in a bracelet or necklace.
  • There was a  notebook included in the parcel, very fitting with the theme. Perfect size for put into your handbag and very useful to use when you are outside.
  • Tree Drama cards and envelopes with great detailed designs, like Charlie Chaplin to Drama Llamas.
  • A Motivation Card 'The Show Must Go On'.
  • A little cute paper bag with sweets inside.

All items designed and manufactured by UK artisans, exclusively for Boxcitement - you won't find them anywhere else.

👉 The boxes cost £18 for a one box, including P&P, with discounts for ordering longer subscriptions, which is actually quite cheap for a subscription box service in my experience.
If you love creative, unique things this is definitely the box for you!

👉 For all the latest news, offers and box reveals you can visit the Web Site and follow on Facebook 🍃 Instagram 🍃 Twitter

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  1. ma che carini, davvero interessante questo brand , corro a visitare il sito.

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