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🌺 Nail files are important manicure tools that every woman should have.

Aveniro is a manufacturer and wholesaler of Bohemian Crystal files based in the Czech Republic.

The crystal and Glass Nile Files have a high level of the surface, I find them easier to use and more hygienic than the regular ones have.

Comfortable to hold, the surfaces of the files nails are described as gentle and so cannot ruin the nails.
The glass is described as thick and works well in shaping and smoothing nails.
I received three different glass files:

🎀  Mini files in a perfect size for your handbag or to travel with.

🎀  Large Foot Files you can remove dry skin and callus. It is very gentle and will not damage your skin.

🎀 Normal size files, a good size and weight, very comfortable and easy to use.

The design itself is sophisticated and elegant, it feels very personal, not a mass market like.

The nail files have a double roughness:
  • rougher side of the file is highly abrasive yet gentle to your nails; it enables fast and easy shaping of the nail. 

  • smoother surface serves to final neatening and correction of imperfections.
Glass nail files are not only safe for the nail, but also environmentally friendly.

All the glass nail files come in a neat leather bound case that secures the glass file from breaking and cracking.

Glass files are can be easily cleaned with soap and water or sterilised with antiseptic spray or alcohol.

I can honestly say the Aveniro files are of very high quality.

👉 Visit the Web Site for beautifully decorated nail files you can also find many different shapes, colors and design 💕

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