lunedì, ottobre 23, 2017

Shopping from Zaful

Hi girls 💕 this is my last shopping from Zaful. 
I love Zaful there are a lot of items displayed and in many different nice styles and trends.

I love it! Perfect for a casual but elegant and feminine outfit.
Nice fabric, soft but no streatch, fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear.
The length is really nice and it's a really versatile dress.
The front buttons and waist belt make the dress very stylish, and if you want it loose, you can removed the belt.
Easy to wash and dry very quickly.

Fabric is warm and soft not scratchy/itchy, very comfortable to wear and doesn't feel thin and cheap either.
The colour is lovely, nice size to wrap up with, or fold like a scarf to keep you snuggly.
I've had lots of comments about how lovely it is!

Overall I'm really happy with my items again! They are really cute and I'm going to wear them so much during the autumn.

What do you think about my shopping? I’d love to hear your opinion.

Again, thank you so much for reading!

7 commenti:

  1. Great shopping, really beautiful items!
    Have a great day <3

  2. Hello. Thank you for your following. Iam following you too.
    Štýl ženy

  3. Adoro Zaful <3 è uno dei miei shop online preferiti! stupendo il vestito che hai preso! ti dona molto!