martedì, febbraio 06, 2018

Dr Severin

Dr Severin is a german company specializing in skin care products for women and men.
All the products are vegan, natural and cruelty free 🐶

I received two items to try:

🍃 Dr. Severin Silver-Special Shampoo for Silver, Grey and White Hair with anti-yellow effect, designed to suit both men and women.
This kind of product contain a spectrum of blue, purple and violet pigments which end up deposited on strands thus neutralising any unwanted warm tones.
This shampoo is great for neutralising any yellowish tones which tend to appear as your perfect blonde toner starts to wash off.
After a wash my hair feels soft and clean but not dried out.
The silver stands out even more and the brassy blonde colour is all gone.
The smell is lovely and after using this in combination with the conditioner, my hair feels silky smooth.
The packaging is very easy to use with the pump and contains 250ml.

🍃 Dr. Severin Silver-Special Conditioner for Silver, Grey and White Hair with anti-yellow effect.
My hair felt lovely and soft after using this, I used it after using the silver shampoo and my hair looked lovely. It leaves a lovely glossy finish and smells lovely too!

👉 Dr Severin products are available on the Web site and on Amazon 💕 More info on Facebook 🍃 Instagram 🍃 Twitter

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