venerdì, aprile 13, 2018

Mask Time Box

Hi girls 💕 subscriptions boxes are the best and brilliant value for money idea for try new items.

Thanks to Mask Time  an UK’s ultimate Korean sheet mask subscription box where you will find 8-10 masks and somethimes a bonus skincare or beauty item.

The box itself is quite sturdy, elegant and pretty. Everything inside was wrapped up in a pink paper and secured with a sticker featuring Mask Time's logo, a booklet with all the information about every mask that is inside the box.

I received the Be Mine box for celebrate Valentine’s day, with these masks inside:

🎀 MERBLISS Wedding Dress Intense Hydration Nude Seal Mask, this is amazing, my favourite! I like the thinner sheet, fits perfectly on face and is well saturated in serum.
This mask leave my skin looking well moisturized and refreshed.

🎀 DUFT & DOFT Pink Milk Mask, this mask is really pink, with pink essence contains milk extracts to brighten dull skin and bring back a healthy glow.
The serum is creamy and there is quite a bit, leaves the skin soft, plump and moisturized.

🎀 IT’S SKIN Color Solution Pink Mud Mask, ideal for vitalizing care, gives a boost to tired skin, increase skin elasticity, helps cultivate a smooth skin. I love this mask expecially to use in the morning.
🎀 DEARPACKER JEJU FLOWER CHERRY BLOSSOM MASK, this hydrating sheet mask contains Cherry Blossom Extract which provides a brightening effect to the skin making it look dewy and radiant. I love the smell and I felt my skin much more hydrating.

🎀 ETUDE HOUSE Cherry Lips Patch, it felt very soft, stayed on well and left my lips hydrated and soft. Perfect to use in winter when my lips are dry and chapped.
🎀 Two free samples: Collagen Nutrition Eye Cream and Yehwadam Regenerating Moisture Cream

👉 A good variety of masks in one box, the price is £24.99, and shipping is free within mainland UK for countries outside of UK please use the shipping calculator on the Web Site befor submitting your order.

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