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Skin18 give me the opportunity to try this 4 Korean mask for my skin.

- Anti-Aging Hyaluron Moisture 3 Steps Mask

This is an incredible 3 step mask, all you need for a beautiful spa treatment! I used this mask during my day off for work, after all treatments my skin feel soft instantly and the day after my skin looked younger and more toned. Absolutely fantastic!

- Soc 3D Beauty Serim Face Mask

I used this mask before going to bed. It is very easy to use, just put it on and relax for 30 minutes. When I take it off my skin felt soft, very refresced and hydrated. Good feeling, no strong scent or parfumed. I would recommend!

- Mirum Fresh Fruit Acai Berry Real Natural Mask

Excellent product does what it says on the packet, a relaxing spa treatment at home
This is a sheet mask of the Korean type which is a relatively new method here but it is considered as one of the best ways for a facial.
You need to use the mask on clean skin. I put on the mask and I leave it on my face while working on my computer for 20/30 minutes .By the time I realized, it's been time to take off. After I lifted off the
The skin is really hydrated to be intensely fresh and radiant all day.
Very good mask.
This item looks like it would do the job and it full feel it's promise.

- Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch Mask for Wrinkle

Nice mask for my eyes, feel nice and cool when it is on which is very relaxing on the eyes, stayed in place without any problems and after leaving it on for about 20 minutes. It leaves my under eye area feeling very moisturized and refreshed. I would recommend!

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