martedì, novembre 14, 2017


❄️ Cold sores are notoriously difficult to treat, and there are many causes including being tired, run down, stress, when suffering from a cold and time of the month.

Lipivir is the only product which can be used before any signs or symptoms occur, and also drastically reduces the frequency of outbreaks.

It is very easy to use, morning and night a tiny drop and massage into your lips, it is an invisible gel so you can put lip gloss or lipstick over the Lipivir clad lips.
It is very pleasant to use, no medicinal smell, it actually smells sweet and tastes like lemon.

It contains no pharmaceutical ingredients, no preservatives, no animal origins, and it is also completely safe for children and babies.

The compact tube size is perfect when you are not at home, easy to fit into your handbag or a pocket.

Definetly Lipivir is the best product all cold sore sufferers have been waiting for 💕

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